Problem of hard water in Gulgong and our Initiative to fix it

As a resident of Gulgong, you may experience problem of hard water for some time. While it’s totally fine to use such water for drinking or cooking, it becomes not that good when you use it for laundry or washing the dishes. Kitchen appliances begin to wear out on a faster rate.

What comes from this, is additional cost that Gulgong residents need to carry in order to fix the outcomes of using such water.

We are currently considering several ways to improve this situation:

  • City-level water softening (some examples of this we can see in Ferndale city project)
  • Residential level water softening solutions (and city credit to cover a portion of these costs)

While first option may seem better, it also is more complex and is very costly. Another drawback is that it can take time to be implemented. How much exactly? Well, at least 6 months to find the right supplier of equipment and filter out contractors who have experience of such work. Another 18-20 months to implement these solutions.

What seems like a more viable option in this case consists of two steps:

  1. work closely with our new partners from Home Water Experts (previously known as Water Softener Advisor, but they have broadened range of services they offer) so that they consult can help us find the right models of residential water softeners that suit Gulgong area. You can find more details about residential water softening solutions on their website, where they list and review popular softeners and explain problems that hard water can cause.
  2. work with City Council to initiate a grant program for residents, which will cover all costs associated with purchase, installation and further maintenance of these water softeners

We believe that fixing problem of hard water will be a huge benefit for all Gulgong residents. We will keep you posted.

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